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  1. I am learning to blog. I wrote an update from when I wrote “Recovery from Four Month Illness,” went to another site without posting it, and it vanished. I’ll try again and maybe not be so “verbose.”

    On a Friday, we went to a Theater Organ concert at the University of Oklahoma. Keith, my husband, seemed all right. We enjoyed the concert and he even went on stage to talk to the organist whom he had met before. About two hours after arriving home, he felt warm and had a temperature of 104. He didn’t seem concerned and said if he still had fever in the morning, he would go to the minor emergency clinic.

    Five hours later, he tried to get up, and fell between the dresser and the bed. As he couldn’t move, my grandson, who had been a wrestling champion in high school, was able to lift all 240 pounds of him onto the bed. Touching the thermometer to his lips, it registered 105. I called 911, The EMT with the ambulance said he didn’t give consent to go to the hospital, and they started to leave. I protested. He was delirious, his fever was rising and he couldn’t get up. I told them I had been ill and couldn’t care for him. He said they couldn’t get the cot to the bed. I told them they weren’t leaving without him, and started to call 911 again. They were able to get the cot in, and they did take him to the hospital Emergency Room. After being ill for so long, I didn’t feel I should go with them.

    The doctor at the ER called about every two hours to give me an update. First, they couldn’t identify the infection other than he had pneumonia and cellulitis. His fever had risen above 105, his blood pressure was high and his heart was beating irregularly. A friend from church also kept me updated. That night, the ICU nurse called to get medical records and medications, and told me that he was finally stable, but not out of the woods. I asked her what that meant, and she repeated that he was stable. Then she asked for the name of our Pastor. That was the first hint that his condition was critical.

    The next day a friend took me to the hospital to see Keith. His leg looked like someone had poured boiling water on it. He was hooked up to all kinds of tubes and wires. He could barely talk, and thought it was 1952. The doctor then told me he almost didn’t make it. He said he was fortunate not to have been fifteen minutes later getting to the hospital. I told him of the EMT’s not wanting to take him to the hospital, as he couldn’t give consent. I told the doctor people all over the world were praying for him. The doctor asked if I really believed that prayer saved him. I said I certainly did, and did he have a better answer. He said he didn’t and anyone else in that condition would be in the morgue instead of ICU. I repeated that I knew God saved him. The doctor asked how I knew people “all over the world” were praying for him. I told him I belong to several musical email chats and a writer’s university, and they have members “all over the world” who were praying.

    Not to be too “verbose,” he didn’t have any brain damage from the fever, one of the infections was a rare, fatal Strep A, and he had Toxic Shock, as well as pneumonia. He was moved to a regular room for a week, then to the Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation floor for another week. His recovery was much faster than expected. He has home nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy. He’s getting stronger daily. I’ve been able to play for Sunday services since Christmas Eve, and rest between Sundays. My strength has improved, but now I have large red blotches on my leg, for which I’m seeing the doctor today or Monday..

    God has met our needs in every way. While we were at the hospital, we had a robbery at the house. Along with jewelry and electronic things, all the food was gone. I was also without transportation, as I don’t drive. Someone from the church delivered a box of frozen meat and vegetables;every time I need a ride, someone calls and offers. Most of all, Keith lived. He said recovering from a near fatal illness was a wake up call for him to lean on God for all our needs. Our relationship is even closer. When we need anything, God provides. We give Jehovah God all the Glory. Leora Eyrline Morgan, February 23, 2013.

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